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Rules & Regulations

While we provide enormous space for the students to innovate, discover and learn, there are certain rules and norms to be taken care of. These rules are aimed at the personal benefit of the students and to maintain discipline in the school premises.

Code of Conduct for the Students

  • Students are supposed to report in proper school uniform as per the specified days, clean shoes and socks.
  • When in casuals students are supposed to wear long loose T shirts with loose jeans / trousers and comfortable foot wear.
  • Do not litter.
  • Always try to speak only in English.
  • While moving around the school maintain a proper single line.
  • Turn off the lights and AC when moving out of a room.
  • Everyone needs to be in proper school uniform. .
  • Wear your I-cards at all times.
  • Take care of the school property.

For Boys

  • Short neatly trimmed, properly groomed hair

For Girls

  • Short hair need to be properly trimmed and tied with a Black coloured hair band, loose strands of hair should be pinned neatly
  • Long hair need to be properly oiled, combed & plaited. Only BLACK rubber band/ ribbon is permitted. Ponytails will not be appreciated
  • Girls should wear black cycling shorts

Things not permitted:

  • Wallets /money bags
  • Hair gel and hair colour
  • Wearing of tattoos
  • Long nails and nail paint
  • Tight-fitted, low waist jeans.
  • Sleeveless, short /revealing dresses.
  • Personal CDs, pen drives etc.
  • Mobile phones, IPODs, PSPs
  • Fancy watches
  • Fancy foot wear
  • Pan masala , Tobacco, Supari etc.
  • Cosmetics , fancy hair clips and combs
  • Danglers / Jewellery and any other accessories
  • Chewing gum, chocolates, chips and other eatables.
Ten Golden
Rules of the
We always try to speak IN ENGLISH

We don’t like to break the school norms

We are gentle

We don’t hurt others

We are kind and helpful

We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings

We listen

We don’t interrupt

We are honest

We don’t cover up the truth

We work hard

We don’t waste our own or other’s time

We look after school property

We don’t waste or damage things

We keep our surroundings clean

We don’t like dirty surroundings

We respect our elders and teachers

We don’t disrespect any one

We raise silent hands in classroom

We don’t like chaos when we respond to the teachers