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Early & Junior Programmes

Early Program (Pre-School) & Junior Program (Grade I- III), Age: 04-09 Years

Time of Discovery - Joyfully explore the world, Ask questions, Build basic skills.

What your child can learn at
N.H. Goel World School…

Themes to
Sense the World

We build the children’s vocabulary, listening and speaking skills through stories, reading & writing exercises.

We help the children understand the concept of numbers. We ensure that they acquire the skills to apply basic mathematical operations like counting, classifying and sequencing objects.

The school ensures that it plays a vital role in strengthening the children – mentally, physically as well as spiritually. We inculcate within the students a sense of establishing relationships and teach them to embrace learning.

Education is not merely teaching of 3R’s but it’s the best tool to help children develop in a child friendly, non-threatening environment by providing age appropriate and necessary experiences. We at NH Goel World School have a very dynamic curriculum in the form of XSEED, where language, numerical, motor, cognitive, social and emotional skills are introduced through play & role play.

In keeping with the best of International trends, we have made a composite package to suit the Indian context. This comprises of a minimal formal and a lot of non formal work in the Early & Junior Programme. Children are not confined within four walls of the class room as each class room opens into it’s own court yard with a tree, a water body, bird feeding trays , bird baths and a gardening area of their own.

  • Mathematics
  • Reading
  • Pre- Writing
  • Writing, exploration and Creative

Each centre is equipped with age appropriate variety of Montessori equipment to facilitate children’s gross and fine motor skills, hand and eye co-ordination. We have taken the best from world’s most acceptable, reputed and scientifically proven systems where child is the centre of all activities.

We emphasize on child’s imagination, creativity as well as cognitive growth. This cultivates a sense of responsibility for his/her surroundings. Art, music, gardening, exploration and creativity through building blocks and puzzles and play with natural materials and fabric are the core of the schools philosophy. Art, Craft and Role play further reinforce the concepts learnt by children. They feel free to explore a wide range of materials in an imaginative way.

Reading Corners are an essential part of the class rooms furnished with toys and age appropriate books

The Home & Imagination Centre is equipped with a Kitchen, Living Area Dolls House, Dolls, Puppet and drama centre, Puppets for imaginative role play and story telling.

We have large play yards fitted with jungle gyms, swings, slides, seesaws and other related equipment. The large central court yard with an amphitheatre, puddle pool, sit outs and the sand pits provide an opportunity to the child to give vent to his/her creative urges. The cluster court yards provide an opportunity to the children for exploration and experiential learning.